Video: ‘You have some pasta to eat,’ Bonucci goes wild after Italy’s EURO 2020 win

Leonardo Bonucci didn’t only sing ‘It’s coming Rome,’ but delivered another message to England after Italy’s EURO 2020 win.

Bonucci scored the equaliser in the UEFA Euro 2020 Final and was named MVP at Wembley Stadium last night.

The 34-year-old didn’t hold back after Donnarumma saved Bukayo Saka’s penalty kick.

He erupted in wild celebrations with Giorgio Chiellini before the award ceremony, walking towards the stands occupied by Italy fans.

“You have some pasta to eat, eat more pasta,” Bonucci shouted after a phrase that is not entirely translatable.

“Eat some more pasta,” is an Italian expression that means ‘gaining more experience’ and it’s often used in sports and football.

Bonucci went on singing ‘It’s coming Rome’ in Wembley’s dressing room along with Chelsea playmaker Jorginho.

He had explained how England’s ‘It’s coming home’ motivated the Azzurri ahead of the Final.

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