Video: Tottenham chief Paratici’s Juventus outbursts

Reports in England that Tottenham Hotspur players are uncomfortable with the pitch-side behaviour of director Fabio Paratici will not surprise Juventus fans, as he was repeatedly fined and criticised for his outbursts.

The Sun suggests that the Italian director and colleague Steve Hitchen shout constantly at officials during the games at Spurs, sitting on the bench for both home matches this season.

It’s certainly not new behaviour for Paratici, who also angered Juventus fans and above all critics with his antics in Serie A and the Champions League.

Over the course of his Juventus career, Paratici was fined a total of €50,000 by the Italian authorities.

Tottenham players not happy with Paratici’s behaviour

The most infamous moment, and one that many consider a catalyst in Juve’s decision not to renew his contract, was during their game against Udinese at the Dacia Arena last season.

Paratici immediately rushed to confront the referee on his way off the pitch at the half-time break, shouting and waving his arms in Daniele Chiffi’s face, berating him for not giving any stoppages.

“I am a veteran of football, but the Juventus directors tried to influence the referee at half-time by clinging to the excuse of stoppages,” said Udinese director general Pierpaolo Marino on Sky Sport Italia.

“The free kick that led to the penalty should’ve been awarded to us, not Juventus, that’s what happened after their protests. They laid siege to Chiffi at half-time, with directors, fitness coaches, staff. It seemed as if they were losing because there were no stoppages.

“These are things that belong to a different era of football and it’s not acceptable.”