Video: Italy boss Mancini rages at motorway closure

Italy coach Roberto Mancini was absolutely furious with motorway authorities and posted a foul-mouthed video on social media after the return from their World Cup qualifier was delayed.

The Azzurri had beaten Lithuania 5-0 at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio-Emilia and everyone was in the mood to celebrate this big success.

However, that soon turned sour when Mancini was trying to get back home from the arena.

“These are Italian motorways,” he wrote on an Instagram Stories with video of the servicemen blocking the road.

“You arrive at midnight from the A7 at the turn-off for the A26 and find the motorway shut without any sign indicating that it’s shut.

“Shame on you, so many of you ought to feel shame. SHAME.”

The video clip also included Mancini’s voice clearly swearing out of frustration at the need to completely change his route without warning.