Vialli: ‘Cancer is not a battle’

Gianluca Vialli explains why he does not like the cliché of ‘battling cancer’ and instead considers the illness ‘an unwanted travelling companion.’

The former Sampdoria, Juventus and Chelsea hero is part of old friend Roberto Mancini’s Italy staff going into Euro 2020.

“I could not battle against cancer, because I think it is a far stronger opponent than I am,” he told RAI Sport.

“I consider cancer to be a travelling companion, albeit an unwanted one that got on the train and sat by my side, and we’ll carry on together for as long as needs be.

“Hopefully, it’ll eventually get tired and go away.”

Vialli is well aware that, like Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic with leukaemia, he has an opportunity to make a statement.

“I realise that people can look at me, see that I am doing alright, and hope that they might do the same.”