UEFA charge England over fan behaviour

UEFA have announced disciplinary proceedings against England after the UEFA EURO 2020 Final against Italy for the behaviour of their supporters, including the way ticketless fans broke into Wembley Stadium.

The Azzurri won on penalties following a 1-1 draw, but the game was overshadowed by violence when hundreds of ticketless supporters smashed down barriers and pushed past stewards.

Even Italy coach Roberto Mancini’s son revealed his seat had been taken by an England fan and he had to find somewhere else to sit.

Charges against The English Football Association are for invasion of the field of play by its supporters – Article 16(2)(a) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations (DR), throwing of objects by its supporters – Article 16(2)(b) DR, disturbance caused by its supporters during the national anthem – Article 16(2)(g) DR and lighting of a firework by its supporters – Article 16(2)(c) DR.

England had already been charged for booing during the national anthem of Denmark in the semi-final and, despite pleas from Gareth Southgate and Gary Lineker amongst others, the Italian anthem was also booed.

“Separately, and in accordance with Article 31(4) DR, a UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector has been appointed to conduct a disciplinary investigation into events involving supporters which occurred inside and around the stadium.”