Tottenham players not happy with Paratici’s behaviour

Tottenham Hotspur’s players are reportedly not happy about sporting director Fabio Paratici’s behaviour during games.

The Sun reports the new director is making the players uncomfortable, as he’s together with the team group during the games due to the anti-COVID protocol.

Spurs have won their first three games in the Premier League, but the players are reportedly not happy with the behaviour of Paratici and Steve Hitchen during games.

With the two directors present, the players feel they are not able to speak freely to each other and they are not fond of the constant shouting at match officials or the team during the games.

The Sun writes the senior directors have ‘had seats on the bench for both home games this season’ and a source of the newspaper claimed: “It just doesn’t sit right with the players.

“The substitutes on the bench don’t feel they are able to speak freely among themselves with those guys sitting next to them.

“The players as a whole don’t like it when the two of them are on their feet shouting at the match officials or the team.”

Paratici left Juventus when his contract at the Old Lady expired and joined the Londoners this summer.

Tottenham’s new sporting director has a history of disputes with match officials over the years with the Bianconeri and was fined €50,000 in total during his time with the club.