Today’s Papers – That hurts, bitter Milan and Inter

Today’s Papers – That hurts, bitter Milan and Inter

La Gazzetta dello Sport

That hurts

Champions League: Bitter start for Inzaghi and Pioli

Inter waste, Courtois saves everything: at the end Real with the winner

Milan suffer, but overturn Liverpool: Salah sparks the comeback

Sheriff surprise: De Zerbi beaten

PSG stumble in Bruges

Max reshapes Juve

Allegri advances Chiesa, Cuadrado all-purpose winger in a more solid 4-4-2

Bianconeri coach prepares his moves

Europa League

Galatasaray-Lazio and Leicester-Napoli

Sarri and the ban: ‘I am ready to sue. Ibra is the violent one’

Spalletti challenges the English taboo

Conference League, Roma-CSKA Sofia

Mou on the attack with Shomurodov and El Shaarawy

Corriere dello Sport

Inter and Milan, double disappointment

Champions League immediately bitter for the Milanese clubs

Good performances, but beaten by Real and Liverpool

Ancelotti wins at the Meazza (1-0) with a late Rodrygo goal

Rossoneri lead 2-1 at Anfield, then the Reds come back (2-3)

What a flop from the Paris sticker collection!

Europa League kicks off too

Sarri: Blasphemy? I will sue

Spalletti: Napoli, get working

Lazio with Galatasaray, coach is furious after two-match ban

Insigne in doubt against Leicester

Olimpico all for Mou: ‘Yes, I want the Conference’

Roma-CSKA Sofia, 30,000 fans against the Bulgarians

Special One: ‘I would like to see the stadium always full’


The Juve turning point

Here’s how Allegri relaunched the Bianconeri in the Champions League

Negotiations continue for Dybala renewal

Milan pride

KO in Liverpool, but with heads held high

Almost a coup at Anfield: Rebic and Diaz overturn the initial opener, then they fall after the break to Salah and Henderson

Inter, Real upset

Rodrygo last gasp

Close to scoring several times, Nerazzurri fall at the 89th minute

Courtois parries everything

When the tempo drops, the Spanish quality emerges

Europa and Conference League

Lazio, Napoli and Roma: it’s your turn!

Pele message from hospital: ‘Thank you to everyone, I am out of intensive care’

Toro, Sanabria dribbles Belotti

In good shape, feeling confident and without contract anxiety

Golden Boy record: 390,000 votes!

There are 40 remaining in the running for our prestigious award

Chasing after Pedri, the 18-year-old Barcelona gem