Today’s Papers – Nandez and Loca say yes, negotiations begin for Inter and Juve

Today’s Papers – Nandez and Loca say yes, negotiations begin for Inter and Juve

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Sacchi: “Allegri on pole, Mou will give a show”

Antognoni: “Comisso? Not even a phone call”

Turning point on the market for Inter and Juve

Nandez-Loca: Both say yes

The Uruguayan of Cagliari wants a move to Milan

Sassuolo’s Locatelli only sees the Bianconeri

The negotiation can now start

Our “Normal One”

Mancini in line at the butcher in Jesi

The simplicity of a CT that Europe envies

Brahim studies the 10, Giroud faces the taboo of the 9

Inzaghi, the first is alright: confirms Dimarco, discovers Satriano

Corriere dello Sport

COVID in the retreats, the FIGC intervenes

Spezia, eight positive. Go ahead for the vaccines in Serie A

The team are isolated, training suspended

The plan of the federation to vaccinate everyone

PSG unloads him, he offers himself, Agnelli reflects and keeps him wart

Juve, take me

Icardi: if Mbappe goes to Real, an exchange with CR7 is possible

Signed last year with €57m, has a contract until June 2024, but the emir is ready to give a discount to sell

Six days after the Azzurri triumph, three giants on the pitch

Satriano surprise with Inter

Milan, neat and charged

Lazio get Sarri’s stamp

Insigne, a contract like Messi

DeLa studies the formula to keep Lorenzo for life: the renewal of Leo with Barca is the model


Italian pasta for Juve

European champions Bonucci and Chiellini continue to celebrate the title and prepare for a great season with the Bianconeri

Treat them, it’s not enough to make the catwalk at Wembley

Izzo: “Belotti, we want you as Toro captain”

It’s already a derby

Inter discover Satriano

Giroud: “Milan for the Scudetto”

Debut for the Italian champions without the big names: 2-2 comeback with Lugano (4-3 on penalties, Radu saves two). Inzaghi enjoys the Uruguayan.

The Frenchman charges Milan: “Ibra, I can’t wait”. A 6-0 friendly win over Pro Sesto.