Today’s Papers – Lukaku likely to join Chelsea from Inter

Today’s Papers – Lukaku likely to join Chelsea from Inter

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Juve, Demiral joins Atalanta, Kaio Jorge arrives

Milan and fantasy: costs reduced, Ramsey emerges

Inter want €130m
Lukaku towards farewell
Chelsea beyond the wall of €100m, Zhang asks for more
Zapata the first choice to replace Romelu, Vlahovic the surprise, but one signing is not enough

Corriere dello Sport

The Londoners are ready to raise their offer till €130m, it’s up to Romelu
Lukaku, atmosphere of farewell
Shocking Chelsea offer: €100m plus Marcos Alonso
Ronaldo-Messi: a challenge with PSG on the frame. Kaio

Jorge joins Allegri straight away

Why Zhang can’t say no

Napoli: Here’s Insigne, in Poland without Osi

Ferrero’s offer: Mou, take Damsgaard


Kaio’s day: medical and signature
The Brazilian striker arrives at Continassa, quarantine and training

Spurs: Romero
Atalanta: Demiral
Agreement between Juve and Dea, the Turk joins Gasp on loan with an option to buy

Chelsea don’t’ give up
Inter, Lukaku thriller

In Valencia with Giroud
Milan, Champions League test

Toro waiting for his choice
Belotti, applauses and doubts