Today’s Papers – Juve problems remain, Milan catch Inter

Today’s Papers – Juve problems remain, Milan catch Inter

La Gazzetta dello Sport

The Devil’s embrace

Milan catch Inter, awaiting Napoli

Struggle against Venezia, Diaz and Hernandez open the door towards the top: 2-0

Theo: ‘Objective is the Scudetto’

Ready to overtake: Spalletti tries with Osimhen and Koulibaly

Tonight away to Samp

Allegri, to Hell and back

Chiesa and De Ligt save him and prove themselves worthy of Juve, but the problems remain

Spezia lead 2-1, then the comeback 3-2

Genoa are American, the Preziosi era is over

New owners after 18 years

Juric against Sarri, clash between commanders: Toro-Lazio to fly

Mou in Udine wants to recharge Roma

Luna Park Inzaghi

Team pushing forward, freedom, set plays: looking through the Nerazzurri laboratory, 18 goals with 11 different players

Empoli coup hurts Mazzarri

Verona, Kalinic show, but Ribery gets off the mark

Corriere dello Sport

Juve for safety

First victory for the Bianconeri, but what a struggle to beat Spezia (3-2)

Chiesa and De Ligt complete comeback

Max: ‘Won while suffering’

Milan catch Inter, Napoli can return to the top against Samp

Allegri can breathe: ‘We mustn’t look at the standings’

Diaz and Theo for 2-0 over Venezia

Roma, Mou’s shield

Udinese at the Olimpico, Lazio in Turin, and on Sunday the Derby

Coach: ‘We are not candidates for anything’

Sarri (who goes to court) relies on Immobile

Genoa are American too

It’s Serie A Yankee



Max, see?

Kean, Chiesa and De Ligt on target: the young players who Allegri had doubted are the ones to shake off Spezia, but don’t cancel Juve’s problems

What a Diavolo!

Diaz and Theo take down Venezia: Milan catch Inter at the top, but Napoli seek to overtake

Juric: ‘Toro 5 out of 10, but can become 8’

Granata coach against Lazio: ‘This is not the best team I’ve ever worked with. Belotti worries me’

Preziosi sells after 18 years: 150 million, Genoa are American too now

Investment fund 777 Partners paid the first instalment of €20m

Empoli, great result in Cagliari

Cottarelli: ‘Fewer debts, more fans’

Interspac crowd-funding project proposed by the economist: ‘Immediately a positive response’

Mike Maignan: ‘I am standing here, black and proud’

Juve club: Racist fan expelled