Today’s Papers – Do it, Azzurri!

Today’s Papers – Do it, Azzurri!

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Do it, Azzurri

A Sunday to be lions

Italy take on England for the European throne

Wembley: in the temple of football there’s the dream of a nation

Mancini on the attack: ‘We must have the courage to enjoy ourselves’

Queen sends letter to Southgate

Sacchi: ‘We need to move it quickly to evade their press’

Bonucci-Chiellini, the Azzurri wall to stop Kane and Sterling


Berrettini try! This is how you can beat him

Djokovic the big favourite of the Final and can make history

Bertolucci: checkmate in five moves

Corriere dello Sport

A love like this

All together for Italy: first Berrettini at Wimbledon, then the Euros Final

Matteo takes on Djokovic, then Azzurri at Wembley fight for the title with England

Mancini believes: ‘Let’s take that final step’


For You, For Us

Wimbledon: Berrettini-Djokovic

Wembley: Italy-England