Ticketless fans occupied Mancini son’s seat at Wembley Stadium

Roberto Mancini’s son Andrea reveals he found his seat at Wembley Stadium occupied last night as many ticketless English fans had broken in.

There were chaotic scenes at Wembley Stadium ahead of the UEFA EURO 2020 Final between Italy and England yesterday as hundreds of ticketless fans managed to enter the stadium before the game.

Andrea Mancini, one of the sons of the Italy CT, spoke to Sky Sport, revealing even his seat had been occupied.

“There was a mess with ticketless fans and my seat had been taken, so I had to watch the first half sitting in the stadium’s steps,” Andrea Mancini claimed.

“I found another place in the second half. Perhaps it brought good luck.”

His father had lost the Champions League Final at Wembley against Barcelona 29 years before, but he eventually managed to take his revenge in charge of the Azzurri.

“Life always offers a second chance and destiny had an open account with dad,” Mancini Jr. said.

“It’s been a long journey, Italy dominated almost every game during the Euros,” he continued.

“I haven’t met him yet, I spoke to him yesterday and he was very happy. He has created an extraordinary group.

“Before the tournament, my brothers and I gifted him a blue horseshoe, telling him it would bring good luck. He’s kept it in his suitcase.

“Three years ago, he was the only one to believe Italy could achieve this result.”