The President and Prime Minister of Italy praised the Azzurri

Italy first met with President Sergio Mattarella and then Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who both congratulated the team with their success at the Euros. ‘You made us move, rejoice and embrace’.

The Azzurri returned to Rome this morning and met with President Mattarella at the Quirinale earlier today.

“Congratulations to President [Gabriele] Gravina, with whom I lived yesterday’s game,” Mattarella said. “The biggest compliments to the players, who deserved to win despite playing with two heavy handicaps.

“The stadium full of English fans and early goal. It was a feat. Yesterday, I was asked for a comment and I confirm: you have been surrounded by the affection of the Italians and you have reciprocated.

“You have honoured the sport, as has [tennis player Matteo] Berrettini: reaching the Wimbledon Final is already a great achievement.

“The conquest of the first set is equivalent to a win. I followed that set, before leaving for London. The national football team won by expressing a magnificent game and this is what entertained first of all the players and then those who watched the games.

“You have manifested the common bond that united you in these seven games. We have seen a harmony of the team and I want to congratulate for that too.

“I thank CT [Roberto] Mancini for the trust he has always shown since the beginning of this adventure. For the revolution form the point of view of the game and for the preparation for every game.

“For all these reasons I say thanks to Mancini and his staff. A special thanks also goes to Gianluca Vialli for expressing all the emotions we shared.

“I would also like to thank the goalkeeper coaches and congratulate [Gianluigi] Donnarumma for being the best player in the European Championship.

“The second save made millions of Italians rejoice. I too would like to remember Davide Astori: he has been in the thoughts of all our players throughout this period. I thank all of you and especially Spinazzola, for having celebrated with crutches.

“You deserved the trophy and this title. Congratulations and best wishes for the future.”

Then the Italy players were greeted by the Prime Minister at Palazzo Chigi, Draghi, who continued to praise the European champions.

“I will start with CT [Roberto] Mancini and captain Giorgio Chiellini,” Draghi said. “In addition to them, also Berrettini and all the athletes in track and field.

“I thank and greet the Presidents of the federations, in my name, of the government and of the staff of Palazzo Chigi.

“Your successes have been extraordinary. The national team won the European Championship after more than 50 years, Berrettini was able to reach the Wimbledon Final after almost a century and a half.

“You made us move, rejoice and embrace. I have always been proud to be Italian but this time we saw the union in the celebrations, also in the name of Italy.

“Today it’s you who have entered history, with the sprints, the serves, the goals and the saves, and what saves.

“The team spirit created by Mancini, the efforts, the sacrifices, the tears of Leonardo Spinazzola. Then, they are not here, but I want to thank all your families who have always encouraged you.

“You have strengthened the sense of belongin to Italy and you have placed us at the centre of Europe.”