Terim: ‘Turkey can give everyone problems’

Former Fiorentina and Milan coach Fatih Terim hopes to see a repeat of the opening game between Italy and Turkey in the Euro 2020 Final at Wembley. ‘The Turks can create problems for everyone’.

Terim is currently the head coach of Galatasaray, but has been the Turkey CT on five occasions in the past, the first time in 1993.

The 67-year-old spoke to Corriere della Sera ahead of the opening game between Italy and Turkey.

“I hope it can be the Final in London too,” he said. “It will be an interesting match in a mythical stadium, which for football is like Madison Square Garden.

“The Azzurri have their fans back, they are solid, compact, have great players, and they can go all the way.

“But the Turks are also able to create problems for everyone.”

Terim said he has a special ‘bond’ with Florence after his time at the club in 2000-01.

“Italy is my second home, there’s a bond, especially with Florence,” he continued. “It was never broken and it honours me.”