Tacchinardi: ‘Chiesa can win the Ballon d’Or within four years’

Former Juventus midfielder Alessio Tacchinardi believes European Champion Federico Chiesa will become a star at the Allianz Stadium. ‘He has enourmous qualities’.

The former Fiorentina winger moved to Juventus ahead of 2020-21 and made an impact already in his first season with the Old Lady.

After a great European Championship, helping the Azzurri lift the trophy at Wembley this summer, Tacchinardi believes he will continue to take further steps and become a big star at Juve.

“The years in which we have to repeat ourselves, or continue to grow, are the hardest,” Tacchinardi told Tuttosport.

“For Chiesa, it will be extremely difficult to meet the expectations. I have heard talk about him winning the Ballon d’Or in three or four years: I agree.

“I see the same poison that Pavel Nedved had. He has enormous qualities; he dribbles left and right and can shoot with very little space.

“Last year he touched the border of the top players. I believe he will get there this year and Allegri, who has always been a champion, can help him.”