Suspected COVID case at Empoli

Empoli announce they have a suspected COVID-19 case in their matchday squad, but more tests are needed.

With pre-season training now underway and the Serie A season due to kick off on August 21, the fear of Coronavirus outbreaks is back at the forefront of people’s minds.

Spezia had 15 cases between players and staff, which the club doctors blamed on two players who are ‘confirmed anti-vaxxers’ and refused the vaccine.

Newly-promoted Empoli released a statement announcing they have a suspected COVID-19 case in their matchday squad.

The fact it is ‘suspected’ suggests the test showed a low viral load, so could be a ‘false positive.’

Nonetheless, as a precaution, Empoli have activated the protocol by quarantining the individual and performing a new series of tests on the entire group.

This will further fuel the debate in Italy over whether clubs can demand their players and staff have the COVID vaccine.

So far, they are merely advising and urging their employees to get the jab, but cannot actively order them to undergo the procedure.