Serie A requesting 75 per cent capacity stadiums

Undersecretary for Sport Valentina Vezzali confirms she has requested 75 per cent capacity for open-air stadiums a month before the Serie A season kicks off.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit Italy before any other nation outside of Asia, with the first case in February 2020, and the situation is only now getting under control.

With most of the country now in the so-called ‘white zone’ (meaning minimal restrictions), clubs are begging the Government to open up stadiums for sporting events.

“I have requested 75 per cent capacity for open-air stadiums and 50 per cent for enclosed sporting arenas in the white zone,” wrote Vezzali on Twitter.

“In the yellow zone, I asked to increase the current maximum limit of 1,000 people in open-air venues and 500 in enclosed spaces.”

The Serie A season is due to kick off on August 21, but no clubs have put season tickets on sale, as it’s still not clear how many – if indeed any – fans will be allowed in to see games.

Rome hosted several UEFA EURO 2020 matches with 25 per cent capacity, including Italy vs. Turkey, which was also the opening ceremony for the entire tournament.