Schmeichel: ‘Napoli are dangerous’

Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel said the Foxes ‘will be ready’ when ‘dangerous’ Napoli arrive at the King Power Stadium.

Napoli travel to England for their opening game in the Europa League and face an ambitious Leicester City in the first round.

Denmark international Kasper Schmeichel stressed the Foxes are pushing to reach as far as possible in the competition and believes ‘it’s possible to reach the end’.

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“We want to get as far as possible in the Europa League, like every time,” Schmeichel said at a press conference. “We believe it’s possible to get to the end of this competition, even if playing in Europe is never easy.

“We don’t look at others, only at ourselves. When I think of our dressing room, I have reason to be extremely confident.

“There are top-notch teams in this competition, but I’m very confident.”

Schmeichel wants a ‘special evening’ against Napoli but expects a ‘dangerous’ side.

“I hope for another special evening, there haven’t been many lately, but I really enjoyed the ones we had,” he said. “Playing without fans last season took away the excitement of some nights.

“Tomorrow a great club arrives at the King Power Stadium. Over the past 10 years, they have challenged the best teams in the world and have always been dangerous, but we will be ready.