Roma defender Smalling ‘saw UFO’

Roma defender Chris Smalling and his wife Sam claim they saw a UFO last night. ‘Chris could see it rotating with lights flashing all around.’

The incident seemingly occurred when the family were on their summer vacation and Sam Smalling shared it via her Instagram Stories.

“OK so I promise we weren’t on magic mushrooms or anything, but me and @Smalling saw the craziest UFO last night! Now like a quick few seconds sighting high in the sky that could have enough a plane!

“It flew down low past us and then turned and shot back high up in the sky where it stayed for an hour (maybe longer but we had to leave).

“It was too small to get on film when it stayed stationed in the sky, although Chris could see it rotating with lights flashing around it (I could only see the outer lights at this point as my eyes aren’t as good.)”

She went on to describe it as being ‘massive and totally silent,’ as well as “like two separate 3D rectangles rotating around each other with faint lights moving around the edges.”