Radu denies insulting Muriqi

Lazio defender Stefan Radu released a statement denying quotes from his own agent, who had mocked ‘absolute donkey’ Vedat Muriqi.

During last night’s RAI 3 investigative programme Report, agent Vincenzo Morabito was caught on camera laughing and joking about Biancocelesti striker Muriqi.

“Stefan Radu tells me he can mark Muriqi with slippers on in training because he’s so bad.”

This afternoon, Lazio released a statement on the club website signed by Radu.

“Following the comments from Vincenzo Morabito during the programme Report, I wish to firmly reject the affirmations that I discredited the football quality of my teammate Vedat Muriqi.

“I do not behave like this and the public suggestion that I do is gravely damaging to my reputation. Therefore, I have asked my lawyers to defend my professional image in all the necessary courts.”