Pique insists Italy had an advantage taking the first penalty

Barcelona centre-back Gerard Pique said Italy won EURO 2020 ‘deservedly’ but insists ‘shooting first in the penalty shootout’ was an advantage for the Azzurri.

Italy beat Spain on penalties in the semi-finals, when the Blaugrana defender blamed an ‘unfair shootout’.

Pique didn’t feel it was fair that a coin toss determines who takes the first penalty, given that those starting the shootout usually win.

EURO 2020: Piqué blames ‘unfair shootout’ after Italy’s win vs. Spain

Italy booked a place in the Final at Wembley with the win over Spain on penalties in the semis at the same ground.

The Azzurri then went on to beat England on penalties in the Final of the competition, as the showpiece ended in a 1-1 draw after 120 minutes.

But Pique, who felt Italy had the edge over La Roja as they started the shootout, again points to the fact that Roberto Mancini’s men won the coin toss and got the first attempt in the Final.

“Italy win EURO 2020 deservedly, congratulations Azzurri,” Pique wrote on Twitter. “The best team of the entire competition.

“Of course, the fact that they shot first in the penalty shootout has helped them again. It allowed them to fail, as against Spain, and still be alive in the shootout!”