Pellissier won’t give up on FC Chievo 1929: ‘The affiliation with the FIGC is there’

FC Chievo 1929 has received affiliation from the FIGC, as announced by Sergio Pellissier. ‘I’m not giving up, it’s not over’.

The former Gialloblu striker spoke to L’Arena and announced his own club FC Chievo 1929 has received ‘affiliation’ from the FIGC.

“I’m not giving up, it’s not over,” Pellissier told L’Arena. “I try, for Chievo I can’t give up in the face of the first difficulties.

“I have my own club: FC Chievo 1929, the affiliation was the first step. It’s there, it stays there, to be filled, to be set up.

“Let’s be clear. We had very little time to try to get in right away. I tried to work in an emergency: contacts, solidity, sponsors, entrepreneurs, travel companions.

“I didn’t succeed today. But tomorrow is another day. Where do we start from? It doesn’t matter where, but it’s essential to start again. Third or second division.

“Maybe even finding the possibility of getting closer to other existing realities. Starting from Serie D would have been the best.

“A step below the professionals, then try to take a leap forward immediately.”

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