Mourinho: ‘Inter know how to use Lukaku’

New Roma coach Jose Mourinho explains why Romelu Lukaku has ‘fulfilled’ his potential at Inter and how Italian fans are ‘much more passionate’ than in England.

The Portuguese tactician sat down with talkSPORT in England today to discuss his return to Serie A, where Lukaku’s Inter just won the title under Antonio Conte.

“I would say that he has now fulfilled his qualities. I believe he got in Inter something that he needs. He needs to feel he is The Man, that he is the Number One, that he is loved by the coach, by the supporters. The press also supporting him, the club, he got that love,” said Mou.

“Romelu is the kind of guy who even scoring goals in England, people say it’s not the right profile for Manchester United. If he doesn’t score goals, what he does for the team is not enough.

“Another one, they say he doesn’t have quality to hook the ball, he’s not Cantona, he’s not Berbatov. Of course he’s not Cantona or Berbatov! He is Lukaku, and in Italy they use him that way.

“You know how Conte likes to play, five at the back, plus three midfielders always in position, Lautaro to drop, Lukaku to attack spaces. They killed opponents!

“He scored a lot of goals, connected very well with the supporters. In Italy they are very, very passionate, much more than here. When they create an idol, it’s much more than here.

“In Italy, you feel that they hate you every minute and you feel that they love you every minute.”