Mourinho confirms Diawara incident with Roma fan

José Mourinho confirms Amadou Diawara clashed with a Roma fan yesterday but reveals ‘it wasn’t a physical reaction.’

Diawara is reportedly refusing to leave Roma and according to Il Corriere dello Sport, a Giallorossi fan urged him to leave the club when he saw the player leaving Trigoria by car.

According to the report, Diawara stopped the car and confronted the fan who had shouted at him.

José Mourinho explained what happened during today’s press conference.

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“Nothing special, it was not a physical reaction, but a reaction to some bad words,” Mourinho said.

“He [Diawara] is a player of the team, you know there is a group of players training separately, but he is not in that group, he is training with the first team. The transfer window is open, something can happen, but perhaps Diawara stays with us, if he stays, he is an option.

“He has experience and quality, he is a good person and a great professional. We have a nice relationship with him, it won’t be a problem if he stays.”