Maldini: ‘World Cup every two years damaging to football’

Milan director Paolo Maldini has joined the chorus of disapproval over FIFA’s attempts to play a World Cup every two years. ‘It would have negative effects.’

FIFA continue to push for their proposals, even though UEFA, CONMEBOL, coaches, players, clubs and even sponsors have come out against it.

Now Rossoneri chief Maldini has also hit out at the potential move from the major tournament every four years to every two.

“I don’t think playing the World Cup every two years is a good idea,” Maldini told news agency ANSA.

“It would take away the importance of the most unique sporting event in the world, cancelling out a tradition that goes back almost a century.

“I hope, as someone in sport, that FIFA want to abandon this wrong-headed project. For a start, it would have very negative effects on the physical and mental health of players, along wit the future of the domestic divisions.

“Athletes, Federations and clubs are all aware that there would be very few benefits compared to the damage a decision like this could inflict on our world.”