Malago’ confident stadiums soon 100 per cent open

CONI President Giovanni Malagò is confident ‘the entire world of sport’ in Italy will soon allow 100 per cent capacity after COVID rules were loosened.

The open stadiums so far were only open at 50 per cent capacity this season, with 25 per cent for the indoor arenas.

A new Government decree comes into force this week, so the Serie A and B games coming up will be at 75 per cent capacity.

“The intention is to reach 100 per cent very soon,” said Malagò, whose CONI represents all professional and amateur sport in Italy.

“I do also wish to point out there aren’t that many games in Serie A that would sell out at 100 per cent anyway. I have to also defend sports like basketball and volleyball where ticket sales make a much bigger portion of their revenue than in football.

“The entire world of sport in Italy hopes we can reach total reopening soon.”