Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid working to change Super League format

Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are still trying to make the Super League happen and according to Der Spiegel, they are working to change the competition’s format, including promotions and relegations.

The two La Liga giants and the Old Lady are the only clubs not to have withdrawn from the competition, which was launched by 12 elite clubs in April but collapsed within 48 hours.

According to the German paper Der Spiegel, the three clubs that, on paper, are still part of the competition are working on a new format that would include promotions and relegations.

There are two scenarios that the clubs are considering. The first would see three clubs relegated from SuperLeague1 to SuperLeague2, with two teams promoted from SuperLeague 2 and one wild card.

The second option is something more similar to the current Champions League, but only for the Super League2, to which clubs would qualify thanks to their results in the national leagues. So, the Super League2 would change every year with 17 new clubs and three clubs relegated from the SuperLeague 1.

Talks are still ongoing, but it remains to be seen how the plan can be put into practice after that the nine that had withdrawn from the competition submitted a ‘Club Commitment Declaration’ in May, agreeing to have substantial fines imposed if they seek to play in unauthorised competitions.