Jorginho: ‘They said I was only at Chelsea because of Sarri’

Chelsea midfielder Jorginho said he was bothered by people saying he only arrived at the Blues because of Maurizio Sarri. ‘They said I didn’t deserve to be in this club’.

The Brazilian-born Italy international joined Chelsea from Napoli the summer Sarri was appointed new head coach at Stamford Bridge in 2018.

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The 29-year-old initially struggled to settle in London but has established himself as a key member of the Premier League side and has helped the club win the Europa League and the Champions League during his time in London.

In an interview with BT Sport, the Azzurri star revealed he was bothered by the early criticism and felt he didn’t deserve the treatment he received during 2018-19.

“The thing that bothered me the most was to hear that I arrived here because of Sarri,” Jorginho told the broadcaster. “That without him I would never be here.

“That I didn’t deserve to be at this club because I wasn’t’ good enough. It’s not correct, I have my value.”

Jorginho has played 149 competitive games since joining the Blues and has scored 17 goals in the process.

This summer, he was voted UEFA Men’s Player of the Year, after winning both the Champions League and the European Championship.

Chelsea prepare to meet Juventus in the Champions League on Wednesday and both sides have three points after winning the first game in Group H.