Jorginho on the penalty miss: ‘It was all planned, I knew Gigio would have saved it’

Italy midfielder Jorginho joked he had ‘planned’ to miss his penalty against England. ‘I knew that Gigio Donnarumma would have saved it’.

The Brazilian-born Azzurri star was interviewed by SportTV in his homeland and the Chelsea player spoke about his mistake from the penalty spot in the Final against England.

Jorginho missed Italy’s fifth penalty, but former Milan goalkeeper then saved his second of the shootout, when Bukayo Saka missed three for England.

It’s easy to joke about it now, and Jorginho doesn’t hold back.

“It was all planned. I knew that Donnarumma would have saved it,” he joked to SportTV. “I always give everything I have for the team, but unfortunately, sometimes it’s not enough.

“I ended up missing the penalty, and in that moment the world collapsed around me, because I wanted to hand Italy the win.

“Luckily, we have this phenomenon in goal that saved me.”