Italy unveil new mascot

The new mascot for the Italy teams has been unveiled, a Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog puppy, designed by Oscar-winner Carlo Rambaldi.

Curiously, the design was drawn up many years ago by Rambaldi, who passed away in 2012, but has only now been turned into a genuine mascot.

“In 2007, Rambaldi gave me a book that contained these sketches that I donated to the FIGC,” said Federation President Gabriele Gravina.

“His fame abroad was extraordinary, but he complained of being not being valued in Italy. I am proud to have given life to another of his creations: today, we are symbolically giving Carlo Rambaldi his fourth Oscar and making a lot of Italians happy.”

Rambaldi, who designed ET and won three Oscars, wrote in the notebook that he had chosen this breed of dog because it has “great courage, determination, is typically Italian and its history is closely linked to the ancient history of our country and its people.”