Immobile: ‘I would have liked to score more, but…’

Lazio forward Ciro Immobile thanked Italy CT Roberto Mancini and admitted he would have ‘liked to score a little more, but I wouldn’t change the win for anything else’.

The 31-year-old was the first choice up top for Italy at the Euros and scored twice in the group stage to help Italy advance.

“What’s been happening since last night is crazy, we still don’t believe it,” Immobile told Sky Sport Italia.

“My phone number has become known to the public, and I have received lots of messages and calls.

“We tasted what we have done during the ride on the open bus. Watching the eyes of the proud fans was fantastic.”

Immobile spoke about his great relationship with Lorenzo Insigne and Marco Verratti, his former teammates at Pescara.

“With Insigne and Verratti there’s a great relationship, celebrating with them was wonderful.”

The Biancocelesti star struggled in front of goal in the knockout stages and was replaced after 55 minutes in the Final at Wembley.

Immobile said the Azzurri players were annoyed by the English fans booing their national anthem but thanked CT Roberto Mancini for giving him the opportunity ‘to express myself’ at the Euros.

“We were tense for that too, we were nervous about that and the early goal,” Immobile said. “It would have been complicated for everyone, except for us.

“Mancini gave me the opportunity to express myself, thank you. I would have liked to score a little more, but I wouldn’t change the win for anything else in the world.

“You have to believe in dreams, I started in Torre Annunziata, a small town, and now I’m the champion of Europe.

“I really want to thank everyone for their support. All Italians must feel like European champions.”