Heavy fine for Bernardeschi as 11 illegal workers were discovered at his Carrara beach venue

Juventus winger Federico Bernardeschi has been handed a heavy fine and activities at his Amare Holi Beach in Marina di Carrara was suspended after the local police discovered 11 illegal workers at the plant.

La Nazione reports the Bianconeri star and Italy international has been handed a fine of over €40,000 and the activity is suspended for the Amare Holi beach establishment in Marina di Carrara.

Bernardeschi owns the establishment and the police of Massa Carrara found 11 illegal workers during one of the festivals this summer.

The plant, recently purchased by Bernardeschi, hosted the European champion’s wedding reception with Veronica Ciardi, immediately upon his return from winning the EURO 2020 Final at Wembley.

It was an ideal location by the sea, but in recent days the local inspectors and the Carabinieri found 16 workers at the venue, of which only five had a regular contract.

The company that manages the venue said the 11 others were not employees of the establishment, but the newspaper reports they were employed as waiters, barmen and dishwashers to cope with the crowd of young people at the event.

Among the 11 illegal workers, a non-EU citizen was also discovered. The report reveals the Carabinieri then ‘formalised a provision for the suspension of entrepreneurial activity which can be revoked after the regularisation of all illegal workers’.