Felix clarifies: ‘No racist intent, people have got the wrong idea’

Roma youngster Felix Afena-Gyan has clarified he was ‘not offended’ by the background comment in the video with Jose Mourinho. ‘I truly believe there was no racist intent’.

A background voice appeared when Afena-Gyang was unboxing the shoes he received from coach Mourinho on Monday, as the Portuguese promised him after the 2-0 win over Genoa.

But a comment in the background joked there ‘are bananas inside’ the present when Felix was opening the box containing his new ‘expensive shoes’.

The comment has sparked controversy, but Felix has now clarified he ‘truly believes there was no racist intent’ behind the background comment.

“I want to assure you all that I was not offended by the background comment made in the video in any way – and that I truly believe there was no racist intent,” Felix wrote on Instagram.

“Since the first day I arrived at the club, I have been welcomed into the family by everyone, who have joked with me like they do all members of the family.

“Because they see that I eat bananas a lot that has become a thing we laugh about sometimes – and I believe the comment was another example of that.

“I feel at home here at Roma and I have done ever since I arrived. I am grateful for the support I have received from everyone here at Trigoria and don’t like to think that people have got the wrong idea about things.

“Thanks for your concern, now let’s get back to concentrating on the next game. Grazie and Forza Roma.”


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