European Parliament against Super League project

Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona remain committed to the European Super League, but the European Parliament today backed UEFA by adopting a resolution to prevent the project from progressing.

It was originally announced in April and fell apart within 48 hours, all but three of the clubs pulling out of their commitment and signing paperwork promising not to leave UEFA.

Today, the European Parliament adopted a comprehensive resolution on EU Sport Policy and “called for action to protect European sport from the threat of breakaway competitions like the attempted European Super League.”

It was passed by a majority of the 27 EU member states and UEFA released their own statement welcoming the resolution as “an important step forward in the development of the European model of sport based on values, solidarity and sporting merit.”

Inter and Milan had also been originally involved in the Super League, but pulled out within 48 hours following a vicious backlash from fans, media, coaches and players.

The European Parliament also opposed the proposal pushed forward by FIFA to play the World Cup every two years rather than four.

“The European Parliament’s message on behalf of EU citizens is clear: Europe and Europeans fundamentally oppose breakaway projects like the failed European super league that threaten the values of European sport,” said UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin.

“European football is not a market meant to serve only elite interests and financial gains – it is a European success story that serves all of society. We will continue to work with the EU to strengthen and protect the European sports model in European football.”