Diawara and Guinea players leave after coup

Good news from Guinea, as Roma midfielder Amadou Diawara has been able to leave the country following an armed coup and on a flight to Italy.

There was meant to be a 2022 World Cup qualifier between Guinea and Morocco on Monday, but it was postponed when on Sunday morning an armed group staged a coup d’etat in the West African country, deposing the President.

Morocco national team manages to leave Guinea amid coup

The two teams were then stranded in the capital Conakry while rival factions were shooting guns outside.

Morocco managed to get on a plane by Sunday night, but the Guinea squad was still stuck in its hotel.

Fortunately, they too have now been able to leave their hotels and get on the plane headed towards Europe.

The Roma midfielder confirmed as much with a post on Instagram Stories of him on the flight, showing gratitude.

Diawara is expected to land in Rome tomorrow after changing flight.