Costacurta and Bergomi feels England took away Italy’s ‘certainties’

Former defenders Alessandro Costacurta and Beppe Bergomi feels England’s early goal ‘removed all the certainties’ for Italy against a ‘compact’ defence.

The former Milan and Italy player commented on Luke Shaw’s early goal that decided the first half of the EURO 2020 Final.

Italy are trailing for the first time in 19 games, you can follow the action as it happens on the Liveblog HERE.

“They were good at getting out of pressing,” Costacurta told Sky Sport Italia. “In the penalty area we were outnumbered on Trippier’s cross and Shaw arrived on the ball to conclude an action that he himself had started.

“After two minutes you concede a goal like this and it’s clear that this removes all certainties a bit.”

Former Inter centre-back Bergomi added that the Azzurri struggled ‘to find spaces’ against the Three Lions.

“It’s difficult to find spaces, they defend cohesive and compact in the last 16 metres. You need patience to find the right space, you need game changes and you have to take advantage of [Federico] Chiesa.”