Bernardeschi in tears: ‘It was a tough year for me’

Juventus winger Federico Bernardeschi was in tears of joy after winning the European Championship with the Azzurri on Sunday. ‘It was a tough season for me’.

The former Fiorentina man had been criticised for his performances in Serie A under Andrea Pirlo last season, but Italy CT Roberto Mancini showed faith in the 27-year-old, who repaid the Azzurri coach whenever called upon during the Euros.

Bernardeschi was in tears after the triumph at Wembley, as Italy beat England after penalties and lifted the European Championship for the second time in history.

“We deserve all this,” Bernardeschi told RAI Sport after the game. “Personally, I suffered a lot, it was not an easy season for me.

“When you play such a season, things sometimes get complicated. But I only know one method: to work and roll up your sleeves, even when things are not going well.

“Thanks to my teammates, the staff, all those who believed in me… we are at the top of Europe, and I could not have been repaid in a better way. We have never been afraid of not making it.

“From the second minute we always believed in it.”