Banning racist fans might not be so easy in Italy

According to Il Mattino newspaper, Serie A clubs will find it difficult to ban supporters for racist insults because of privacy laws.

All agree that not enough is done to combat racism in stadiums and more clubs want the power to identify and ban those individuals who are guilty.

However, the complex set of Italian laws might make that difficult to enforce.

The Lega Serie A discussed a joint effort from all the clubs to ban an individual from every stadium once he has been found guilty of racially abusing a player.

According to Il Mattino, they soon realised that was easier said than done, as privacy laws effectively bar the clubs from sharing information about an individual.

There is a banning order for all sporting events called a Daspo, given by the local authorities, but that can take time and is usually imposed for violence rather than racism, which is harder to prove.

Surveillance cameras are now installed in stadiums, but they make it easier to identify someone who is throwing an item rather than be precise about what he said.

It’s reported the Serie A clubs decided to come back and discuss it in future, but at the first sign of a racist incident in the crowd, all the sides will release a joint statement condemning racism.