Allegri ‘turned down Chelsea, Real Madrid and more’

Max Allegri’s mentor Giovanni Galeone reveals the coach turned down Chelsea, Real Madrid, Arsenal, PSG and Manchester United before a return to Juventus.

The tactician was a free agent after he was fired by Juve in 2019, despite winning five consecutive Serie A titles.

Il interviewed former Pescara coach and long-time Allegri mentor Giovanni Galeone.

“The last year that he was at Juventus, Allegri said no to five big offers. Chelsea tried twice in the space of 15 days and he always rejected every proposal.

“Then Real Madrid contacted hm more than once, while Arsenal, PSG and Manchester United also tried. This was all in the space of a year, but he always said no.

“I do think that if Juve hadn’t called, he would be in Madrid now, even though he wasn’t entirely convinced by the organisation there. Nobody is, really.”

Instead, after two years in the wilderness, Allegri has signed a new contact for Juventus.

“If he’d returned last year, I don’t think I would’ve agreed to it, but now I am truly happy on his behalf, because the club realised it made a mistake by sacking him.”