Allegri at Continassa | The new season starts for Juventus

Max Allegri has arrived for the first day of his second stint at Juventus, as the Bianconeri start the pre-season training ahead of 2021-22.

The Bianconeri start without the international players and with many from the Under-23 side, as the medical examinations and athletic tests start today.

The wait is over and Allegri’s second term as Juventus coach is underway. The team and the technical staff meet at Continassa today, but the players from the European Championship and Copa America are given more time off before preparing for the new season.

The players who were eliminated from the two competitions in the first phase of the tournaments are expected next week and the rest will gradually follow.

The first day of the season includes the meeting, followed by medical examinations for sports fitness, whilst the athletic tests are scheduled for the next few days.

From next week, the serious training starts with a significant increase in workloads. Allegri wants a team that’s ready immediately from the first game on August 22.

The coach has arrived at Continassa and is ready to start the work to bring Juventus back to the top.