WWE commentator Michael Cole says Edge created Money in the Bank live on air – Chris Jericho responds

WWE Money in the Bank is in the books and it was a very successful show for the company.

The pay-per-view was WWE’s first in front of a sold out arena since the coronavirus pandemic really took hold 18 months ago.

The Women’s Money in the bank ladder match kicked off the show

The two Money in the Bank ladder matches often steal the show and both the men and the women went all out to make them special. On commentary, Michael Cole remarked how Edge was the brains behind the Money in the Bank concept.

Many wrestling fans will know that this is not true.

The origin of the Money in the Bank ladder match comes from now AEW star, Chris Jericho.

As the legendary grappler explained in his autobiography ‘The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea’ Jericho had no plans heading into WrestleMania 21 and was pitching ideas to Vince McMahon.

Chris Jericho is the brainchild behind Money in the Bank

There was a group of guys in his position at the time and Jericho thought one way to make use of them would be to put them in a ladder match.

Edge, of course, was the inaugural winner and was the first to ever cash-in the prize back in 2006, but he did not create the concept and many fans took to Twitter to voice that fact.

Jericho replied to one of the fans in question noting: “True story!!! @bfg728 and I came up with that entire match concept. Well almost all of it…@VinceMcMahon insisted that the contract be in a briefcase,” Jericho wrote.

Brian Gerwitz, who now works for The Rock exclusively but used to be a lead writer of RAW, added: “16 years ago this was originally conceived as a 1-time only ‘Hollywood Dream’ match with RVD climbing a ladder, grabbing a contract & declaring his dream was to bring back ECW. I think we had potential “dreams” for everyone. Wish I remembered them. Anyway, happy & safe #MITB!,” Gewirtz wrote.

Edge was indeed the first Money in the Bank winner

A few years ago on his Talk is Jericho podcast, Jericho explained: ““So I came up with the idea to do a match, like a ladder match. A six-way ladder match. And Brian Gewirtz, who was a good writer at the time said, ‘well what’s at stake?’

“So I said, ‘well why don’t you have a contract where the winner gets a title shot the next night?’ Then Brian said, ‘Well, why don’t you make it you can use it any time over the following year and you can cash it in at any time?’

“And so we took that to Vince and Vince agreed, loved the idea. His only concession was that the contract had to be in a briefcase. Knowing how Vince is, maybe he wanted the people to see it rather than just a piece of paper hanging there.

A combination of Jericho, Gerwitz and McMahon created the idea

“Like some kind of an actual trophy. And maybe he thought the briefcase was something you could actually carry and use.

“So it was a really cool kind of a three-way invention of this match because even though Vince’s little thing was just the briefcase, the briefcase has become synonymous with the show,” said Jericho.

The winner of this year’s briefcases are Big E and Nikki A.S.H.