What is halo in F1? Cockpit system which saved Lewis Hamilton from serious injury after crash with Max Verstappen at Italian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crashed out of the Italian Grand Prix together as they collided on Sunday – with the halo appearing to save Britain’s seven-time world champion from serious injury.

The incident occurred shortly after Hamilton emerged from the pit lane on lap 26, narrowly ahead of Verstappen, prompting the 23-year-old to aggressively fight for the position.

The incident was very dramatic
The halo did its job to protect Hamilton

But what is the halo, how long has it been in F1 and how did it help Hamilton this weekend ? talkSPORT.com takes a look…

F1 Halo

The halo was introduced back in 2018 as an added safety feature that is now a mandatory inclusion on all Formula One cars.

The one-time controversial device is a three-pronged titanium bar that surrounds the driver’s cockpit.

The halo is designed to protect drivers from serious injuries from either head trauma or flying debris.

Romain Grosjean credited it with saving his life following his dramatic crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix back in 2020.

The rear of Verstappen’s Red Bull landed on the top of Hamilton’s Mercedes

Italian Grand Prix

The halo also proved it’s worth after appearing to save Hamilton from serious injury during his crash with title rival Verstappen.

As the Brit left the pits, Verstappen drew alongside the Mercedes driver and, as they fought for position at the Variante Del Rettifilo, they collided.

Hamilton moved to his left to defend his position at the right-hander, with the Mercedes driver still just in front for the ensuing left-hander.

Verstappen ran out of room, and ran over the kerb which launched his Red Bull out of control and into Hamilton’s Mercedes.

The rear of the Dutchman’s airborne machine ran over the top of Hamilton’s helmet, with the protective halo device absorbing the impact.

Verstappen’s rear tyre came into close proximity with Hamilton’s head, despite the presence of safety features including the halo.