UEFA charges FA over England fans’ behaviour at Euro 2020 final which saw 86 arrested and 19 officers injured

UEFA has opened an investigation into the unsavoury scenes both before and during Sunday’s Euro 2020 final between Italy and England.

The game was marred by the behaviour of some England fans, who fought with stewards and police as they attempted to enter the stadium through security gates.

Some England fans let themselves down across London on Sunday as Leicester Square was among the location left in an almighty mess

The Football Association has been charged with four offences relating to the behaviour of supporters during the match, in which England were beaten by Italy on penalties.

The charges facing the FA relate to invasion of the field of play by supporters, throwing of objects by supporters, disturbance caused by supporters during the national anthem and lighting of a firework by supporters.

A UEFA statement added: “Separately, and in accordance with Article 31(4) DR, a UEFA ethics and disciplinary inspector has been appointed to conduct a disciplinary investigation into events involving supporters which occurred inside and around the stadium.”

Football Association chief executive Mark Bullingham said on Monday that a full review would take place into what had happened.

He accused ‘drunken yobs’ of trying to force their way into the stadium without tickets.

Bullingham also issued an apology to legitimate fans who were affected by the unsavoury scenes, claiming security staff had ‘never seen anything like it’.

A number of ticketless fans were able to gain entry to the Euro 2020 final

Laura Woods was appalled by the ‘carnage’ across London and the ‘appalling’ behaviour of some England fans who went too far.

The talkSPORT Breakfast host shared her first-hand account of the ‘disgusting’ scenes at the Home of Football, as she described the events which have shamed the English game on the European stage.

She said: “It was an absolute mess, that carnage was all across London this morning – you can see the clean-up operations getting underway, it’s horrendous, it’s disgusting.

“Then there was the fighting, you couldn’t leave Wembley last night without seeing people with blood all over their faces, and you come to think it comes hand in hand with football, but it really shouldn’t!

“I was leaving the stadium last night and you should never feel threatened, and there were a lot of kids around. One of our producers had to walk me down the road because I genuinely didn’t want to go down there on my own because of what I was seeing.”