Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua date: Will it happen in 2021? Latest news on date, location, venue and time for heavyweight title showdown

It’s the fight every boxing fan wants to see – but there is still no official confirmation for when Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua will take place.

Joshua produced a brilliant knockout win to end 2020 as WBA, IBF and WBO champion by beating Kubrat Pulev at Wembley Arena.

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are set to clash this year

AJ welcomed a fight with Fury in the aftermath of his superb victory and the first part of the year has seen much speculation about when it might take place.

The Gypsy King, who claimed his own incredible win in 2020 against Deontay Wilder to take the WBC strap, is now ready to take on his British rival in 2021.

Contracts have been signed for the undisputed clash, but a site deal still must be agreed and big questions remain over the details of the historic match-up…

Fury vs Joshua: When could it happen?

Fury and Joshua have agreed a two-fight deal but details over the date and location have not been confirmed yet.

All the talk from both camps has been aiming at a date in late July or early August with the rematch then coming around mid-December or in early 2022.

It is understood that on Sunday, April 11, Joshua and Fury were presented with the site deal offers for their fight. 

talkSPORT understands that Saudi Arabia in July is currently the clear favourite.

The financial terms will likely state that the first bout will be a 50/50 purse split, while the rematch will be a 60/40 split in favour of whomever wins the first.

The fight will be to unify the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO heavyweight world titles and is set to be the biggest in British boxing history.

Anthony Joshua destroyed Kubrat Pulev in December

Fury vs Joshua: What has been said?

There has been plenty of talk from the people who are not directly involved but Eddie Hearn, the man at the centre of it all, remains confident of making the mega-fight.

He said in April after a face-to-face meeting with Fury: “There are lots of characters involved – some are not so involved but still have comments to make.

“You see interviews from various people, and I had started to doubt that Fury wanted the fight. I felt that he did.

“When we met up, he made me feel that he wants this fight. ‘Let’s get this done. It’s the only fight that I want’.

“He’s bang up for this fight, and so is Joshua.

“People doubted we would achieve the site fee. We have achieved that.

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“Now we have to make sure the fighters are happy with the contractual position from the site, which is straightforward and is something we’ve done before.

“It is one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

“We’re in a strong position. Both fighters have signed the contract to fight. Both fighters have agreed to an offer from a site.”

Meanwhile, Joshua appeared on ITV’s Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday, April 18 and confirmed he has committed himself to the fight.

He said: “I’ve signed my side of the deal. We’ve sent him [Tyson] a good offer, one I’m sure he won’t refuse.

“He wants the fight, no doubt about it, so do I and more than me and him, the whole public want it.

“I put my crystal ball out there and I say it’s going to happen this year one hundred per cent. I’m pretty sure it’ll be this year. End of July, early August.

“Where? That’s what’s the delay, because of this pandemic. We want to have people coming to the venue. It’s just finding the right location. For me, Wembley would be ideal.”

Hearn and Warren have given updates

Fury’s co-promoter Bob Arum has said a deal is ‘dead in the water’ but many believe this was a tactic to put more pressure on Hearn. 

He said: “It is not just a site fee, there are ancillary demands from the Saudis stretching into the broadcast deals and other things, it could take months for it all to play out.

“It could even take until 2022 the way it looks right now.

“The fight in July or August is dead in the water as far as we are concerned.

“The two fighters need to go and have other fights this summer while the negotiations for that fight in the Middle East conclude.”

Hearn responded on talkSPORT: “I’m a bit worried about Bob Arum.

“I last communicated with Bob Arum on Thursday and Friday of last week and he gave an interview last night to say he hasn’t heard from me for two weeks.

“Five days ago he was telling everyone, ‘It’s done, it’s in Saudi Arabia, this is the deal, etc.’

“It’s definitely taking a little bit longer than we anticipated, both guys have accepted the deal that’s come in from the Middle East, we’re papering that deal.

“It’s not as easy as just a 24-hour turnaround of a long-form agreement for a fight of this magnitude.

“Bob Arum said, ‘Eddie Hearn, he’s run out of time.’

“We’re supposed to be partners on this fight. The only one I see doing any work on this fight at all is me. And I won’t stop until we’ve got the fight made.

“So we’re on the verge. We have an agreement, we have a signed contract, we have a site agreement that’s been accepted and now we put it in a long-form agreement and you get an announcement next week.”