Tyson Fury calls Deontay Wilder a ‘reptile’ as Gypsy King breaks silence following news of American’s bid to derail fight with Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury has broken his silence after Deontay Wilder threatened to derail his much-anticipated fight with Anthony Joshua – and the Gypsy King is not best pleased.

After years of talk and months of negotiations, the fight all boxing fans want to see looked set to go ahead with Fury and Joshua agreeing to do battle in Saudi Arabia on August 14.

The fight deal is signed but Fury vs Joshua may never happen now

However, Wilder has put a spanner in the plans to get the mega-fight on our screens after winning a legal case which gives him the right to a third fight with Fury.

The Bronze Bomber was well-beaten by the Brit in their second bout in February 2020 but has time and again demanded another go.

The case not only means Fury might have to face Wilder again but it places the Joshua face-off in jeopardy as the pair must meet before September 15.

Fury has spoken highly of Wilder many times since they last fought but there’s absolutely no love lost now.

Fury beat Wilder via seventh-round knockout last year and may have to do it all over again
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On Instagram, he posted on his story a picture of an iguana and likened it to Wilder.

The post was captioned: “There’s Deontay right there the reptile.”

Fury’s message to Wilder
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Joshua appeared to take the news much better than Fury, with his promoter Eddie Hearn shedding light on how he reacted to Wilder’s demands.

Hearn said: “He just said to me, ‘Listen, just go an do your work. You’re the man to take care of it, over to you. I’ll be in the gym, let me know.’

“That was nice; it was nice to kind of give that responsibility.

“I had a very nice sleep, I spoke to AJ this morning and we go to work again. It is just another day, another day of ups and downs – this is called the boxing business.

Joshua appears relaxed about the situation for now

“Like I said, it can give you the highest highs, it can kick you right in the nuts. But we are here, we are breathing, he is still the champion, we want to fight Tyson Fury for the undisputed world championship.

“But, really, if his hands are tied, we have to look elsewhere.”