The maddest fight you never saw was Nick and Nate Diaz vs Joe Riggs who ‘s*** his pants’ in hospital brawl AFTER their UFC 57 fight

Nate Diaz and Joe Riggs once fought in a hospital AFTER their UFC 57 fight which left both men bleeding, with Riggs even managing to defecate himself.

It’s fifteen years since the glitzy Mandalay Bay event in Las Vegas, which was headlined by the trilogy bout between Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell and even featured future heavyweight champion Frank Mir.

Riggs tried to mess with the Diaz brothers and found out the hard way
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However, on 4 February, 2006, it was the elder Diaz brother who stole the headlines after the event when he and his brother proceeded to start a fight with a dangerously dehydrated Riggs at the A&E.

‘Diesel’ actually won a unanimous decision victory over Stockton’s finest and was en route to the hospital after injuring his hands as well as dealing with the lack of fluids.

Speaking to the UFC as part of their Fightlore programme, Riggs remembered how the evening took a turn for the worst backstage before they had even left the arena.

“So after the fight, we go to the ambulance and my hands were just balloons,” he said. “It was just swollen through my tape.

Being bloodied and bruised after a fight was nothing new to Diaz
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“He’s going in an ambulance too, for his face. They were asking me, ‘How do you think you did in the fight?’ I said, ‘I’m glad I got the win, but I think I could have done better’.

“I hear, ‘Let’s go round four then mother f*****!’ And it was him, so we get in the ambulance and I think that’s it done. Then we go to the hospital and it is not.

“I think Nick is missing some f****** screws, man. Something is wrong with that guy!”

After seeing Riggs laying on a gurney to replenish his fluids, Diaz explained the war of words continued before receiving treatment himself.

Riggs won the fight at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, but you wouldn’t know it
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“I told him, ‘You come over here, I’m gonna beat your f****** ass!’,” he said.

“I walk into the hospital talking s***. As soon as I walk in the door with [Nate], this mother f***** is strapped to a God damn gurney.

“Getting his big f****** IV or whatever. I’m like, ‘what the f***? Why are you strapped to a God damn gurney?’”

Then Diaz remembered wondering why Riggs was then walking around.

“I don’t know if they sent him to get something from the nurses’ station, you know? And so when he did, he walked all the way over to my room.

“He knew better than to come over by me, he knows I am f****** nuts. And I was like, ‘What the f*** are you doing over here? You wanna get your ass whooped?’”

The 37-year-old remains one of the most iconic cult heroes in sport
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Understandably, his opponent from the fight remembers events somewhat differently, but can recall how the outcome ended up being exactly the same.

“I’m still in my fights shorts and my walk out shirt and just covered in his blood,” he added. “His blood is in my f****** hair, his blood is in my nails, his blood is on my shorts and I am a germophobe.

“He keeps talking and this guy won’t f****** shut up so I pee in a cup and I am bringing it to the doctor, which just happens to be over by him, right before his room.

“I have an IV pole I am carrying with me, because I am getting re-hydrated and he is sitting there and just got all stirred up in his head.

‘Diesel’ Riggs would fight again, but swapped between Bellator and the UFC
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“He keeps talking and I was like, ‘Dude shut the f*** up, look at your face’. I turn back around, with my cup of urine and my IV pole and I hear him walking.

“As I turn, I see my tooth go and he dropped me. I didn’t share this with people, I actually s*** my pants.”

Diaz, who was the Strikeforce champion before coming to the UFC, reportedly was irked by comments from Riggs telling him to leave the premier promotion.

So a Diaz brother did what a Diaz brother does best and decided to take matters into his own hands, with the two ending up brawling in a cupboard.

Younger brother Nate Diaz is also as tough and gritty as Nick
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He recalled: “You know I got up out of my room and I was like, ‘What then b****?’ And I f***** knocked him down.

“And then I took double under hooks because he had a single leg and then I turned him around, you know, because I am hopping on one leg.

“I started punching him in his face, up against the wall in this room. He’s like, ‘Get your brother, man, get your brother, man. Get your brother, he is crazy!’”

By 2006, Diaz was still with World Extreme Cagefighting and intent on making a name for himself.

Naturally, helping his brother beat up a UFC fighter who had recently soiled himself was the ideal way to do it.

In the UFC, Nate has become one of the biggest attractions and had two memorable fights with Conor McGregor
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Diaz returns to the Octagon this Saturday night when he takes on burgeoning welterweight contender Leon Edwards in a five-round fight at UFC 263.

The UFC legend has not fought since a doctor stopped his ‘BMF’ title fight with Jorge Masvidal in Madison Square Garden back in November 2019.

Yet victory against a certified contender in Edwards this Saturday could even propel the Stockton-native into title contention for a shot at 170lbs king Kamaru Usman.