‘That’s why I said it on Twitter’ – Internet troll who famously took on UFC star Paul Felder comments on Irish Dragon’s retirement

The Twitter troll who told Paul Felder to stick to commentating rather than continue fighting has taken aim at the UFC man once again.

Felder, who was emotional after coming up short in New Zealand against Dan Hooker in 2020, had suggested he would walk away from UFC. The struggle of being away from his family and the close losses were beginning to add up and he took exception to a fan telling him to hang up his gloves.


The Twitter user explained why he would never such a thing to Felder’s face in a very honest thread[/caption]

Asked by Felder if he would brave enough to tell him his feelings face to face, the response was as honest as they come, which left the American lost for words.

Felder announced his retirement from competing in the octagon at the age of 37 during UFC Vegas 27 in which he was a part of the broadcast team and the fan wanted to tell the world he was right all along.

Felder was involved in a hilarious exchange on Twitter with an MMA fan who suggested he hang up his gloves

The fan wanted to tell the world he was right about Felder

Never change, fight fans. Never change.
Felder, though, revealed more details on his decision to call time on his career.

“I really waited until I knew,” he said at the post-fight press conference.

“After the [Dan] Hooker fight, it was kind of emotional and I lost the fight and I’m far away from home and it was a struggle. But then I did find that fire again when I got the [Rafael dos Anjos] fight.

“I went back and did camps and I was helping Sean Brady get ready for fights and I was hitting pads, I was lifting again, I was doing all those things and just slowly over time I started drifting back towards doing my own things and really just loving doing this triathlon stuff on my own, having time, seeing my daughter everyday after school, dropping her off at school. Training in my own little pain cave at home in the garage and getting stuff done.

Felder was always good value in the octagon

“I don’t think I’m going to get to the belt. I think this is the first time where I finally really think after those two losses in a row, watching guys like ‘Jacare’ [Souza] break their arm, watching guys like ‘Cowboy’ [Cerrone] fight five more fights than I think they should. I’m not going to be that guy.

“I’ve said from the very beginning of this sport, I won’t be that guy that fights past his expiration date and I think it’s here. I think it’s a touch early but I’d rather it be a touch early than a touch late.”