‘Spirit of Shanks, not greedy Yanks’ – Liverpool fans protest against John W Henry and FSG outside Anfield ahead of Newcastle clash

Liverpool fans have gathered in protest against the club’s ownership ahead of the Premier League clash with Newcastle.

While the hated European Super League might be dead in the water, fans of the ‘big six’ English clubs involved continue to vent their fury up and down the country.

Liverpool fans took to the streets on Saturday
Owner Henry was the subject of their discontent

There have been protests at Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Manchester United, Tottenham – and now Liverpool fans are calling on owner John W Henry and his FSG group to sell up outside Anfield.

American billionaire Henry delivered a personal apology to Reds supporters after the club pulled out of the Super League just 48 hours after it was announced.

The message was clear outside Anfield
Police were on hand to manage supporters

But to many Liverpool fans, the behaviour of their ownership has caused irreparable damage, going against the foundations built by legendary manager Bill Shankly.

Outside Anfield on Saturday, one banner told Henry he had ‘blood on his hands’ and another said the club was ‘built by Shanks, broken by Yanks’.

Yesterday, manager Jurgen Klopp moved to defend the club’s owners, insisting they aren’t bad people, even though he disagreed with their plans.

There were suggestions fans would take the banners at Anfield down – but they remain in place

“Our owners are not perfect, like I’m not perfect, but they’re not bad people,” Klopp said on Friday.

“They have learned their lesson, I’m sure. My only hope is that our relationship with fans will be stronger after all this.

“There was no personal apology from John W Henry, but that was not necessary in my opinion because I was mentioned in the apology, and the team as well, so that was personal enough for me.”