Simon Jordan says he ‘couldn’t give a monkeys’ how Scotland and Wales do at Euro 2020 as ex-Crystal Palace owner in fiery debate with Jim White live on talkSPORT

Simon Jordan and Jim White got into a fiery debate on talkSPORT on the topic of supporting all the Home Nations at Euro 2020.

The tournament finally gets underway on Friday with England, Scotland and Wales all in action in their first group games over the next few days.

Jordan is only interested with how England

England and Scotland have been drawn in the same group and will clash at Wembley next Friday – with the Tartan Army in their first major tournament since 1998.

But former Crystal Palace owner Jordan admitted he ‘couldn’t give a monkeys’ how Scotland and Wales get on.

Should fans support rival teams in European competitions, and the Home Nations all cheer each other on? It’s a debate that sparks fury and will keep being argued as long as football supporters still have breath.

And proud Scotsman White challenged his co-host on his views, leading to a memorable exchange live on air.

Scotland reached their first major tournament for 23 years

Read the full exchange below or watch the video above!

Simon Jordan: “No, I don’t want Scotland and Wales to do well. I couldn’t care less if Scotland and Wales do well. Could not care less.

“I don’t want them to do badly, but could not give a monkeys if Scotland win a game, get out of the group or get beat 6-0.

“I’d be more interested in Belgium winning a game or Bulgaria, if they’re playing, than Scotland.

“I have no interest in Scotland, they’re just another country.

Jim White: “Where’s this coming from?”

White remonstrated with his co-host, but there was no changing Jordan’s mind

SJ: “It’s coming from the point of view that we have to be politically correct in what we say rather than what we think.

“I couldn’t care less about Scotland in this tournament. I don’t want them to lose, but I couldn’t care less if they win. I couldn’t care less if Wales win.

“In fact, I’ll go a little bit further. If Wales were winning, I’d be a little bit anti it because I saw their ridiculous behaviour in the 2016 European Championships in seeing our demise to Iceland.

“I’m an Englishman.”

JW: “So let me get this right, if it’s between England getting out of this group with Croatia, or England getting out the group with Scotland, who would you go for?”

SJ: “Neither. I could’t care less about what Croatia or Scotland do. It’s not a compare or contrast or an either/or.

“I couldn’t care less. On the other hand, what about you lot? “

JW: “This is disgusting, I have to say. “

SJ: “It’s not. It’s honesty. It authentic and most people would say the same. I’m not sitting here saying I want Scotland to fail. 

“I’m saying I couldn’t care less about Scotland.”

Wales reached the semi-finals of Euro 2016

JW: “So if you’re not saying you want Scotland to fail, what do you mean by ‘I couldn’t care less if they lose 6-0’.”

SJ: “I couldn’t care less if they win 6-0. I could not be more ambivalent if I tried.”

JW: “The attitude here, I’ve got to say, is the very reason that we go ‘England, are you kidding me?’

“Because you sound like and England fan. You sound like a blinkered England fan and you shouldn’t.”

SJ: “What’s blinkered about that?”

JW: “What’s blinkered about it? You couldn’t care less if Scotland and Wales fail as long as England succeed.”

SJ: “No, no. I couldn’t care less if they succeed or they fail. I’m ambivalent, disinterested, disengaged, completely uninterested in Scotland.

“I could be just as interested in Belgium or France or Spain, where I’ve lived for 20 years, than Scotland.

“Tell me why I should.”

JW: “Why shouldn’t you?”

SJ: “Why should I?”

Jordan’s only concern is how England will do at Euro 2020

JW: “You were just saying about Gordon Strachan about what a great talker he is and what a great player. He was a great player and he played for Scotland.”

SJ: “If Gordon had come from Peru and I liked him, it’d make no difference to me.”

JW: “Why don’t you back all the Home Nations?”

SJ: “Why should I?”

Whose side are you on, talkSPORT listeners?

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