Paul Felder doesn’t want to see Conor McGregor in UFC again after threats made to Dustin Poirier

Conor McGregor’s antics with Dustin Poirier, for the most part, have not been well received.

The Irishman lost the trilogy fight with Poirier at UFC 264 after breaking his leg at the end of round one but even after suffering the injury, McGregor would sit on the canvas shouting obscenities at Poirier and his wife.

McGregor was raging as the fight came to an early end

UFC president Dana White didn’t like McGregor bringing Poirier’s wife into the rivalry before and after the fight.

“That’s something you don’t do… Leave the wives and families out of it,” White said.

None of that bothered Poirier, but the death threats did. Prior to the clash, McGregor said Poirier would leave on a stretcher and implied he’d kill The Diamond, something that Poirier insisted was a step too far.

McGregor continued the death threats while laying with his leg broken.

Paul Felder retired from UFC last month and is now an broadcaster for them

Inside the octagon, he said he would kill Poirier and his wife in their sleep and recently retired lightweight Paul Felder was angry at what he heard.

“You’re on the ground with your leg broken in half at the bottom, threatening to kill somebody, to a man who has just dominated you twice in a row now, he could walk up and soccer kick you in the mouth, knock all your teeth out and leave you for dead on that canvas,” Felder said on UFC’s post-fight show. 

“You’re the one who is in position to get killed, Conor, in that spot.

“Show some humility. Listen, this sport is violent. I get that. We’re supposed to beat the crap out of each other, knock each other out. 

“But at the end of the day, it’s not about murder. It’s not about your family. Leave those things out of your mouth, or get the hell out of the octagon, I never want to see you again.”

Felder did not like McGregor’s antics at the climax of UFC 264

Felder may not want to see McGregor again, but with his immense drawing power proven once more with a 1.8 million buyrate for UFC 264 – which is UFC’s second most-bought show ever – chances are if The Notorious wants to fight again, he will.

Felder and McGregor rarely saw eye-to-eye during their careers, mostly because McGregor took exception to Felder’s nickname, the Irish Dragon.

Of course, Felder isn’t Irish and McGregor made sure to point out his German descent every chance he could.

Still, McGregor wished Felder well when he retired from the sport last month. It doesn’t seem like Felder has the same well wishes for McGregor.